Collaborating during Coronavirus – Testimonies from Vietnam

This photo shows bags filled with food items and hygiene material.

CBM partner AFV (Aid for social protection program Foundation Vietnam) is providing necessities and protective items to vulnerable people in Nho Quan district (Ninh Binh, Vietnam).

58-year-old Ly Lieu Thi lives alone. Even though she is visually impaired, she has always been able to look after herself and cope with life. But now everything is different: the Corona lockdown dominates life in Vietnam, along with Ly’s life.

In response to the COVID19 outbreak, the Vietnamese government has applied social distancing measures throughout the country. This has consequently affected the lives of many, including persons with disabilities and their families. Social distancing has proven to be a major problem for many poor people like Ly – it has directly translated to lack of work, money, and food. And people with disabilities and their families are usually among the poorest of the poor.

Thanks to a long-term partnership and strong collaboration between CBM, local DPOs and our partner ‘Aid for social protection program foundation Vietnam (AFV), we were able to quickly conduct an effective needs assessment to identify risks and needs of vulnerable groups such as persons with disabilities, as well as ethnic minority groups.

Aid packages to save lives and avoid starvation

In Vietnam’s Nho Quan district, AFV and CBM’s primary goal was to save poor people from starvation. We were quick to launch a relief campaign for people with disabilities and their families, poor households as well as elderly people living alone in Ngo Quan. The relief kits included food items such as bags of rice, cooking oil, canned fish, fish sauce and milk), as well as protective hygiene items like hand sanitizers, masks, mouthwash, soap etc.

Some Testimonies from Vietnam

This photo shows a woman in a wheelchair surrounded with some relief material like food and hygiene items. She is wearing a mask.

Luu Khuy Thu (52 years old): ‘This is my first time using hand sanitizer and as a person with a disability, I find it very practical. This project has also supported me with food supplies. I am so happy and really thankful for your support!’

This photo shows a woman in a wheelchair wearing a mask and surrounded by relief material like food and hygiene items.

Ly Lieu Thi, (58 years old): ‘My health is not good and nor can I see clearly. I rely on a monthly financial stipend from the government as I an unable to work and earn money. I got some information about COVID19 through the radio but lacked the means to buy any food. Thank you so much for taking care of me!’

This photo shows a woman in a wheelchair wearing a mask and surrounded by relief material like food and hygiene items.

Nguyen Binh Thi (66 years old): ‘I do not have a job and rely on a monthly support by the government. Through the radio I got to know that I should have some hygiene items to prevent COVID19 infections, as well as stock up on some food during the lockdown. However I do not know what to do as I rely on government aid. Thank you so much for your support, it is so meaningful to me during this difficult time’.


Mr.Bui Gia Tăng (centre): ‘I am so touched, words fail me. Thanks to the government and your project team for caring about me and my family and understanding our difficulties. Thanks to your support, my children have food. I want to say so much more but words fail me. Thank you for all your support!’


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