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  1. This photo shows an older Bangladeshi woman with many younger children in a small room, which serves as a CFS. They are playing some games together.

    Inclusion in Humanitarian Aid

    Our project "Phase 2 - Leave no one behind!" promotes the inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian aid. Using the global Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Guidance on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action, we are working to help humanitarian actors better understand the human rights-based approach to disability in their work.

  2. Earthquake in Haiti: Emergency Aid for People with Disabilities

    On 14 August 2021, Haiti was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Over 1,400 people have died so far, with thousands missing and injured. Countless people have lost their homes and are exposed to an approaching storm without any protection. CBM is providing immediate aid and is preparing to support earthquake victims with disabilities and their families in particular.