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Break Barriers and Open Doors


Shots of different people as they take turns speaking the following text (some of the participants use sign language, some are wheelchair users, and logos of various NGOs appear randomly on the screen).

[Spoken text follows]

This international day of people with a disability we need to remember that there is a cycle of poverty and disability.
Poverty can cause disability and disability can add to, and deepen poverty.
One billion people in the world live with a disability!

Global development efforts must promote the rights of people with disabilities.
In our experience the biggest barriers is attitudinal - which leads to exclusion...
...when people with disabilities are excluded, it is much harder to escape the cycle of poverty and disability.
We work to make sure that all development includes people with a disability.
We believe, safe access to clean water, sanitation, hygiene...
...inclusive early childhood care & development opportunities...
... valuing the diverse experience, capacities and contributions that people with disabilities can make...
...have the same access to health, the same access to education.
Employment is one of the most important ways for people with disabilities to break out of poverty.
We ensure that people with disabilities...
... all children...
... especially women and girls...
... can enjoy the same rights as everybody else...
... and the dignity is upheld.
And we work in community and with people with disability...
... to have a say in decision that affect them...
... to improve development outcomes for all.
All aid programs must include men and women, girls and boys with disability.
We want to make sure that no person is left behind!
Let’s break barriers to end the cycle of poverty and disability!
... to realise an inclusive society for all!
Together we can End the Cycle!
Together we can End the Cycle!
Happy Intl Day for people with disabilities!

A video for International Day of People with Disability 2013 explaining the cycle of poverty and disability

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