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Each year for past 20 years, 200 million people have been affected by disaster (UNISDR, 2005)
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Building resilience - Investing for the future


Building resilience: Investing for the future
Linda Mwania
Communications Manager
CBM East Africa
Looking at the magnitude and the pattern of past emergencies around the world, when CBM engages we seek to engage in a way that will bring mid to long term solutions to the affected communities, and what this means is that in addition to coming together with the community to meet the immediate needs in a time or in the wake of a disaster, we are also saying that we want to walk together with these people with disabilities, with these communities to help rebuild their lives and in addition to that to become better prepared to face future emergency situations, and to equip and enable them to actually be more secure and less vulnerable should a calamity of such magnitude come again.
Joseph M’Eruaki
Social Development Director
Diocese of Meru
With CBM we have initiated some of the activities, for example we have been supporting the communities when it was very critical with some food aid and those communities who are assisted, we are supporting them to build the structures at the household level. Like activities that support the soil and water conservation. We have supported some communities to buy some goats and poultry. These also do well in these dry areas, because they produce early, they are not very demanding, they are also able to support the resilience of the households.

We also have other initiatives like the introduction of the greenhouses. This  is where we have supported some groups to have greenhouses, where they can grow some high value crops, some vegetables which they can access the food and then the surplus they can sell and also get some income. And in a way again that is a way of also improving the resilience of the communities and they can be able to have food even when it is dry.

Alice Igoki
Mwigiki Mothers’ Group, Meru
We formed a group and we decided to farm together to earn an income that would help us to take care of our disabled children by meeting their needs be they clothing, medicines or school fees. Currently SPARK  is looking for a piece of land where we will farm. If we will have a surplus, we will be able to store or use it in the community. That is the help we are getting from SPARK and we are very happy.

Caroline Mukami Muguna
Programme Coordinator
Diocese of Meru / SPARK
When we came in and sensitised the people, people with disabilities came in big numbers and then that is when we now assisted them in organising as groups, because that was manageable. And from the groups they were able to now start working together, planning together, and getting a little assistance from SPARK.

And for the mothers who had children with severe disabilities, they came together, put the children together, one of them took care of them, while the others went about their work in the farms.

So that one really encouraged me also to have even more groups coming up and being formed so that also the children can have a time even to be changing from their original environments to a different environment.

Now the children themselves when they come together, when they are brought together by the mothers they also try and play with the other children. Like where we have the children with Cerebral Palsy, they try very much to reach to the other child. And also you find that sometimes even they laugh.

CBM engaging with communities during times of emergency response to bring not only immediate relief but also mid to long term solutions

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