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Around 1.4 million children under age 15 are blind. Yet approximately half of all childhood blindness can be avoided by treating diseases early and by correcting abnormalities at birth such as cataract and glaucoma. (WHO)
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Horn of Africa - Meru food distribution - Part 3


Linda Mwania (CBM East Africa Communications Officer)
As we've spent time at this food distribution activity
we've been able to interact with the various mothers that are coming through
and one of the young ladies that I've spoken to is Medelia
who has a child
her son Anthony has cerebral palsy since he was eight months old
and she has had to take care of him
and spend a lot of time caring for his needs
as he is unable to be independent.
because of that she has had a challenge with the situation
that has been brought about because of the drought.
Medelia says that the food she has been receiving today
it is going to assist her in taking better care of her son
We've noticed
that there seems to be quite a high
number of people living with disabilities
we've seen children who are visually impaired
and who are blind,
we've seen quite a number of adults and children with physical disabilities
and I am glad that we are able
to work together with our partner SPARK
in order not just to meet their needs for food aid
but also to be able to follow them up
later, and provide the services that will be required
the screening services, the assistive devices
the follow-up and the care
for children and mothers like Medelia.

Linda Mwania (CBM East Africa Communications Officer) in Meru North District, Kenya, during a food distribution with partner organisation 'Service for the Poor in Adaptive Rehabilitation' (SPARK), 1st September 2011.


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