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In 2010, 464,297 people (43% of whom were children) received Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) services
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Pazapa, Haiti


Narrative by Marika MacRae, Executive Director, Pazapa
Singing about 'Pazapa' in Creole
'Pazapa' means 'step-by-step' in the local Creole language in Haiti.
It means step-by-step because that is how we approach
our centre, our care, our education.
Everything that we do it is step-by-step.
Pazapa offers mainly
a special education programme to all children with disabilities.
We have a school for the deaf in the afternoon.
The special education school also
sends monitors out on home visits
as well as physiotherapy classes
are offered to children with physical disabilities.
It is more of a family feeling here.
A lot of parents are here, we help them.
By meeting other parents there is a moral support amongst themselves.
We just show them how to
how to work alongside with other students here
who are disabled
and with the families here, it helps them.
Narrative taken over by Julie Hard, Country Coordinator, CBM Haiti
CBM believes that it's absolutely essential that children
are included into the mainstream and
yes, we do advocate
for the rights of persons with disabilities at all levels.
And I think that children in particular
are among the most vulnerable that we
need to consider and how we can integrate them.
CBM is supporting Pazapa in
their complete comprehensive package
in terms of all of the areas
that they are working in
in so much as after the earthquake
they pretty much had lost everything as a result
and there were a lot of staff members
that were doing great work as families
children who needed support
and so because of the loss of all
of the pieces of the pie that
were keeping Pazapa going
CBM has come alongside this particular partner
to ensure that services are still being able to be
to be provided, even in this temporary solution.
Marika MacRae
All these children would be somewhere hidden in the backyard of their home.
With Pazapa
the word has been spreading that
you know, 'have no fear, don't worry, bring your child here'
They see, through the years, how much progress the child has made
so, without Pazapa, there would be no hope for them.

CBM is supporting special needs education in Haiti by working with local organisations such as Pazapa, which offers educational opportunities for 225 children with disabilities of all ages. Pazapa also offers orthopaedic care and neurological surgery, physical therapy, a community outreach programme, vocational training and an income generation programme for parents of children with severe disabilities.

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