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In 2013 CBM continued to emphasise and develop work in advocacy to influence local or national policy on disability. 441 projects were involved in advocacy work and 490 projects were involved at the community level to create awareness about the rights of persons with disabilities.
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Operation Mercy Tajikistan, All About Children project


Operation Mercy
[Azizjon counts to 10]
One, two, three, four,…

All About Children, a programme for children with disabilities in the Sughd Region of Tajikistan, accepts children with disabilities from 6 month to 8 years of age. One of the main goals is preparing them to be included in public school.

Regional head of education
We saw that children kept at home were more restricted and needed assistance. However, when they interacted with their peers, playing together and doing activities, there was progress due to their hard work and desire.

We can increase the number of healthy people in the future and of course… what can I say? It’s not just satisfying but also something to be proud of.

Since the programme began in 2005, All About Children has trained children and collaborated with their parents, teachers and education officials to prepare the children for all aspects of life.

Director of All About Children
The All About Children programme consists of an early intervention group and a day care.

In the early intervention group, there are separate, smaller groups that work with children having mental, physical and social disabilities.

After children are ready to come to the day care, the teachers continue to work with them, to prepare them to join mainstream schools.

Healthy children must go to mainstream kindergarten and high schools.

Director of school 14

The programme is very effective. I saw a girl who joined our kindergarter and later went on to mainstream school. I saw improvement in her behavior and education.

Based on this, we realised that she could study among other students in a mainstream school.

[Tolibjon is walking to school with a group of other children some have disabilities others don’t]

[Tolijbon mother is speaking]
Before, he could not walk or speak clearly. He was shy and afraid to interact with others.

[footage of Tolibjon speaking]
I took him to the programme. Now he can walk. The teachers worked very hard with him.

Tolibjon’s teacher
Of course he has changed. He has changed a lot. During the 3 weeks this year that Tolibjon also had training at the programme, his speech became clearer.

[Footage of Azizjon in class]
[A child counts]

… 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…

Azizjon’s mother and AAC Teacher
Before, my child could not walk,. He spoke with great hesitation. After coming to the programme, he learned to talk and now recites poems out loud.

He has improved since his interaction with other children. He has improved even more in the mainstream kindergarten. I see it when he does activities together with healthy children.

Of course, this makes me very happy!
My long-time dream is coming true!

For mothers who have a child with disabilities, I encourage them to get their children out into society more.

Bring them to this king of programme and don’t be ashamed about having a disabled child. They will see the development and improvement.

I saw it myself.

Another of Azizjon’s Teachers
My outlook has expanded since I’ve been involved in the life of these children. This programme has given me helpful information. I have participated in this programme’s training to improve my teaching skills.

Any mother who has a disabled child should come here so their child can be involved with the programme’s educational activities. And, ultimately find their place in society.

Tolibjon’s mother
At this programme, I learned how to work with my child at home.

For those mothers who have a disabled child, I advice them not to keep their child at home, but get them out in society.
This is a very good programme because the teachers work hard to prepare disabled children for life in society.

I am very happy.

Each child is assessed by the Pedagogical Medical Psychological Consultation that helps determine the child’s readiness to enter mainstream schools.

The All About the Children staff help and encourage parents during this important step and work with public school teachers, making their jobs easier as they accept their new students.

Regional head of education

Now together with local authorities, we are working to establish groups for disabled children in 12 districts in the Bobojon Gafurov Region.

In these 12 districts, we have preschools where we can open these groups. We already have the results and work experience.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the workers, teachers and founders of this programme and this international organisation. Especially the founders of this programme – on behalf of myself, parents and the children who have benefited from the work and activities.

To you, I express my appreciation. To all those who work for the health of these children may their world be happy, may they reach their goals and may all of their dreams come true.

Interviewer –
Thank you.
Good health to you. Good health to you.

Parents and children, teachers and government officials describe their positive experiences with the All About Children Project in Tajikistan. Watch the children playfully expanding their world and preparing for inclusion into local mainstream kindergartens or primary schools.


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