map highlighting the African continent


Our work in Africa is split into three separate regions: Africa East, Africa South and Africa West. In addition, two of our member associations are located here. Find out more about this work below.


  1. Africa South

    The Africa South Regional Hub is based in Cape Town, in South Africa. This office oversees CBM’s work in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Madagascar.

  2. Makpela (9) and Makson (13) are running in the field of sweet corn. Two older friends are following behind. They all smile.

    Africa West

    CBM works closely with local partners’ organisations throughout Africa West and Central region delivering activities in over 70 programmes and projects

  3. A young girl smiling happily in a classroom in Africa (she is a wheelchair user)

    Africa East

    CBM's East Africa Regional Office oversees seven countries in the key mandated areas of comprehensive eye care (including low vision), orthopedics, community based rehabilitation, livelihoods, inclusive education, disability mainstreaming and advocacy.