map highlighting the Caribbean and South America

Latin America and the Caribbean

The Latin American and Caribbean Regional Hub is based in Quito, Ecuador. This office oversees CBM’s work in Cuba, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil, Paraguay, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru and Colombia; with 2 country coordination offices located in Haiti and Bolivia. 

CBM has emerged as a well-respected stakeholder in disability, rehabilitation, health and development in Latin America and the Caribbean. CBM has been actively working towards improving the quality of life of people with a disabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean for more than 30 years. We work with local experts in our work for disability inclusion, inclusive education, disability mainstreaming, advocacy, community-based inclusive development, community mental health, accessibility and disaster risk reduction.

In the Latin American Caribbean Region, CBM collaborates with a diverse range of alliance and networking partners such as the World Health Organization and GAATES (Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environment). CBM has built a rapport and cultivated technical relationships with over 40+ partners in Latin America, our current network of organizations spans across Disable Peoples Organizations DPOs, with an estimated reach of 20,000 + members, DPO Networks, Hospitals, Universities, Community-based organizations, Local and National Governments.

We build upon the successes of large-scale projects and then, transition these projects to local leadership while maintaining networks of experts in the region.