Nepal earthquake first report


On 25th April 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, close to Kathmandu, the capital city.

Report from CBM staff in Kathmandu

We spoke with Mitralal Shrestha, CBM Nepal, Finance and Admin Officer. He and his family were directly affected (but are safe).

"When the earthquake struck it was Saturday midday, so most people were in their houses. I was with my family, having lunch. When it happened I didn't think anything about saving my life, we just all went outside - my family and our neighbours - and went to a safe place. We are OK.

"But after about half an hour we realised many bad things had happened. It was then a terrible time for half an hour with a lot of tension. A seven-storey building only 300 metres from my house had collapsed. More than 25 families were staying there. It was totally destroyed.

"We helped the people - calling police, taking them to hospital. In the hospital there were no free beds; people were just lying on the floor getting treatment. Now [10pm local time] it is dark but many people are still outside, sitting around, afraid to go back inside in case of more earthquakes."

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