CBM emergency intervention camps

In Action

With over one hundred years of experience working alongside people with disabilities in poor communities, we strive to remove the barriers that marginalise people with disabilities in the most disadvantaged societies in the world. We do this by working with partner organisations, influencing policy at all levels and responding to emergencies and natural disasters.

To deliver our goals, we focus on five key areas we call Initiatives.

  1. Huseni with classmates in Tanzania

    Disability Inclusive Development (DID)

    Over the past years, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have created an imperative for the inclusion of people with disabilities. Through our DID Initiative we seek to engage and assist the international development and humanitarian community to ensure no-one is left behind.

  2. CBM’s approach to localise the Sustainable Development Goals and enable Disability Inclusive Community Development Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID)

    CBM’s approach to localise the Sustainable Development Goals and enable Disability Inclusive Community Development.

  3. Ipyana (8yrs) has always been teased by children in the neighbourhood because he cannot see.

    Inclusive Eye Health

    Through this Initiative, CBM builds on its long-standing expertise in reducing avoidable visual impairment and blindness. We make sure that people who are permanently affected can access support and opportunities.

  4. On 2015 a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal

    Community Mental Health

    CBM works to challenge the environmental factors that can lead to mental health problems. We support communities to reduce stigma, exclusion, and barriers to participation for people living with mental illness in resource-poor settings, and ensure they have access to quality services.

  5. Seeds being checked before distribution - disability-inclusive response to 2016 Ethiopia food crisis

    Humanitarian Aid

    The barriers persons with disabilities face are greatly amplified during conflict and disaster. CBM works with partners to implement disability-inclusive humanitarian responses to support those affected by humanitarian crises and to positively influence the work of the wider humanitarian community.