CBM Social Media Etiquettes

We are very pleased that you are interested in the work of Christian Blind Mission (CBM) and would like to exchange views with us and other users on CBM-related topics on our social media channels. We hope that this exchange will take place on a constructive basis. Therefore, we ask you to always adhere to the following basic rules:

1. Respectful Tone, Objectivity and Tolerance

Opinions, criticism and feedback are always of great interest to us. You are therefore welcome to comment on our posts, photos and videos. Please keep your comments friendly and factual at all times and treat our authors and other users with respect. When commenting, please adhere to the rules of politeness expected in a personal conversation - insults, provocations, slander, harassment and/or personal attacks are not allowed. Also, please always give reasons for your opinion - especially if you wish to disagree.

Tolerance is very important to us! Therefore, please accept other opinions and always treat other people's culture, religion, sexual orientation, nationality and gender with respect. Insulting, hurtful, discriminatory, racist, violence glorifying or sexist comments have no place with us!

We always welcome constructive criticism because only an open exchange of opinions can lead to a fruitful dialogue and perhaps even a consensus. The repeated posting of identical or similar comments by an individual, on the other hand, is not desired, as this does not promote a common and productive exchange, but only steers or manipulates the discussion through targeted one-sided influence.

2. Legal Compliance

Please observe the general laws and legal principles when commenting. Treat the intellectual property of others with care and always acknowledge the original source or author when quoting.

Data protection is very important to us. That is why we always treat your data conscientiously on the basis of the data protection laws of the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD Data Protection Act - DSG-EKD). We expect the same from you. Therefore, please never publish personal data such as postal addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses in the comments section.

3. Please do not Misuse the Comment Function

Unfit and inappropriate comments are not welcome. This includes commercial content, advertising, spam or links to external websites that have no relation to the original post or contain content relevant to criminal law. Calls for violence, demonstrations, rallies or illegal acts are also not allowed.

4. Responsibility

We do not take any responsibility for the comments of the users, this lies with the respective person himself. By posting a contribution, the author gives CBM the right to permanently withhold the contribution on the social media channels. 

Should statements and contributions by users violate the aforementioned rules of our etiquette or generally applicable law, we reserve the right to delete and/or report these contributions without giving reasons and to block users temporarily or even permanently.

We look forward to a lively exchange and hope you enjoy our social media channels.