1. 12.10.2023 Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction: The Place of Indigenous Knowledge in Disaster Preparedness.

    When disaster looms, nature often gives us clues through the wind, the rain and even the singing of birds. Dr Nyunyutai Mudzingwa, a disability rights activist and member of the Zimbabwe Association of the Visually Handicapped (ZAVH), believes that everyone, including persons with disabilities, should be able to understand these signs. Below, Dr Mudzingwa talks about indigenous early warning systems in Zimbabwe and how they can be harnessed for disaster risk reduction.

  2. 09.10.2023 We are Behind in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. What’s Next?

    In our latest blog, Michael Herbst, Head of Advocacy at CBM, discusses the current progress of UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Despite high ambitions, we are not able to achieve these global goals, especially in the wake of challenges such as COVID -19. The post also highlights how the principle of 'Leave No One Behind' is finding its way into important international dialogues.

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