Tenders and Consultancies

Current opportunities

In this section you will find opportunities for short-term consultancies such as evaluations, baseline assessments, CBM related studies, assignments related to publications, translations and other opportunities.

New Consultancy: Comparative Study on Barriers and Enablers for the Inclusion of Persons With Disabilities in the Humanitarian Aid in DR Congo and Nigeria.

CBM is looking for a consultant to conduct a Disability-Inclusion-Review. This activity consists of a comparative study of inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian aid in the selected project areas, assessing barriers and enablers to accessing services, humanitarian assistance, and community engagement in Nigeria and DR Congo

The aim of this review is to generate evidence which will translate into concrete recommendations for action for humanitarian actors and governments to ensure the inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in the humanitarian and community-based actions.

In a specific way, this review aims to:

  • Identify the risks and barriers as well as enablers in accessing humanitarian, incl. priority goods and services in the project areas;
  • Identify the proportion of persons with disabilities and vulnerable persons in the project areas and their specific needs depending on the type of disability or impairment.
  • Analyse the level of inclusiveness of the humanitarian responses of the different humanitarian actors in the target countries, as well as their practice of including people with disabilities in all phases of their programs;
  • Make a comparative analysis of the inclusion of people with disabilities in the project’s countries of implementation specifically, the areas of implementation in those countries;  
  • Propose necessary actions and Key practice and realistic recommendations to foster the inclusion of people with disabilities in programs and make responses, and community engagement inclusive.
  • Collect good practices for overcoming barriers and developing enablers that can be adapted and used in other countries.

The study is expected to start on 17 February and to be concluded latest 5 April 2023, taking 42 – 48 days (tentative). Availability of the consultant for the proposed timeframe is crucial. An itemised action plan should be submitted with the expression of interest.

For more information, please download the following Terms of Reference (TORs)