Executive management team: Dr. Peter Schießl and Dr. Rainer Brockhaus

Executive Management

The Executive Management of CBM consists of two CEOs: Dr. Peter Schießl (left) responsible for fundraising and administration, and Dr. Rainer Brockhaus (right) responsible for programmes and communications. Together they propose strategy and budget to the Supervisory Board and ensure implementation after approval by the board.

Dr. Peter Schießl holds a Masters and PhD in Economics. He has held various executive positions in finance and in the chemical industries before joining CBM in 2012. His career led him to Ecuador (8 years), Switzerland (3 years) and Turkey (3 years).

Dr. Rainer Brockhaus holds a Masters in Business Administration and a PhD in Applied Computer Science. Prior to joining CBM in 2009, he held various leadership positions in finance, business development, marketing and sales in the IT sector. Outside his professional life he has a track record of voluntary assignments.