Ranbir with his tricycle, which made him mobile and enabled him to go to the college.

End the Cycle

End the Cycle promotes the human rights and lived experience of persons with disabilities in low and middle income countries.

Join us, and end the cycle of disability and poverty!

End the Cycle’s powerful short videos and factsheets are free and downloadable in English, French and Spanish at www.endthecycle.info 

The videos and factsheets include persons with disabilities telling their own stories in their own words, approving the stories and photographs that represent them.

End the Cycle’s resources can be used in all sorts of activities and programs to powerfully promote the experience of persons with disabilities and the impact of disability-inclusive development.

Video explaining the cycle of poverty & disability

End the Cycle videos
This video explains the cycle of poverty and disability and shows ways to end the cycle

Want to make your own disability-inclusive video?

In March 2016 CBM’s End the Cycle partnered with UNICEF Australia to create a toolkit Video Making for All: A toolkit for making videos that include persons with disabilities. The short and user-friendly toolkit is designed to help you or your organisation make your own disability-inclusive video. The toolkit was created with the feedback and support of persons with and without disabilities in Myanmar. Download it in English, French or Spanish and start making your own video today!