05.08.2015 EU review of the implementation of the CRPD

The European Union (EU) signed and ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in 2011. As a State Party, the EU published its initial report on the implementation of the CRPD in June 2014. After this initial report, Committee Members published a List of Issues by which further information on specific articles was asked, and the EU replied to this List of Issues in June 2015. The last step of this review will end in September, with the adoption of the Concluding Observations that will encourage the further implementation of the CRPD by the European Union.

Persons with disabilities and their representative organisations are encouraged to participate in the review process by submitting supportive documentation and by participating in the CRPD sessions through side events. CBM, as member of the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC), was involved in the process of the EU review. CBM has also supported the work of the European Disability Forum (EDF) as the umbrella organisation of persons with disabilities in the European Union.

Why it is important to follow this review?
The EU is the first regional body on signing and ratifying the UN CRPD. In addition, it is the largest donor on International Cooperation and one of the most influential stakeholders at International fora. By supporting a disability-inclusive Development Cooperation, the EU can promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society all around the world.

What did we do so far?

  • CBM supported the EDF’s parallel report by providing inputs for Article 11 (Situations of risk and humanitarian emergencies) and Article 32 (International Cooperation)
  • CBM submitted an input to the CRPD Committee Members in order to provide them suggested questions to be included in the List of Issues
  • CBM organised a side event on 1st April
  • CBM supported the EDF’s answers to the List of Issues on the EU Report to the UN CRPD
  • CBM submitted a response to the EU List of Issues

What are the next steps?
The 14th session of the UN CRPD will take place from 17th August to 4th September. On 26th August, CBM as member of IDDC, will organise a side event in which Priscille Geiser (Chair of IDDC) and Hellen Grace Asamo (Member of the Parliament of Uganda) will participate. This event will also count on the participation and support of EDF. In addition, CBM will also participate in the side event organised by EDF on 27th August.

CBM will advocate for the inclusion of Article 11 and Article 32 in the Concluding Observations. This will strengthen the EU advocacy work in the future years, and will promote a disability-inclusive approach to EU External Actions.