27.07.2015 WFD 2015 Congress First Day

Wow! After nearly 4 and half months of preparing for CBM’s participation in WFD Congress (World Federation of the Deaf) located in Istanbul, Turkey, I am here.

Today, most of CBM supported participants gathered together for our delegates’ meeting where each gave a short presentation on the current realities of deaf and hard of hearing persons in their countries. Such realities were described in various of topics including education access, health care access and UNCRPD implementation process. The delegates were careful to present the challenges in their countries regarding the aforementioned topics but provided oppportunities available to address the challenges.

While I was responsible for keeping the participants on time with their presentations, I did not want to put a limit on such interesting information. The human diversity of CBM supported delegates was evident in the room.  I could feel the passion of each delegate to increase awareness and provide opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing persons.

Surely, I can only speak for me but the meeting was only the beginning of more discussions surrounding the equity of deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind persons. Already, there are great ideas brewing amongst us! I feel confident knowing that we, the delegates, feel empowered in knowing that we are not alone in our successes and challenges. I truly look forward to the rest of the week!

Here we go!