30.08.2016 The Geneva half-marathon continues – week 3

In the morning of Monday, 29th the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities adopted its Concluding Observations on the initial report of Uruguay.  When the Committee adopts recommendations (Concluding Observations), they are not open to the public.   In the afternoon, we adopted the recommendations for Ethiopia.

Tuesday, 30th and Wednesday, 31st  will follow the same format as Monday, adopting Concluding Observations on the 30th for Bolivia in the morning and the United Arab Emirates in the afternoon.  On the 31st we’ll adopt Concluding Observations on the initial report of Colombia in the morning and Guatemala in the afternoon.

In the morning of Thursday, 1st September, I’ll present my draft Concluding Observations on the initial report of Italy.  In the afternoon, we’ll discuss complaints about potential violations of human rights brought to our attention under the Optional Protocol.  The evening will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in an event co-hosted by CBM.  The world’s premier solo percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie will give a concert to Representatives from Permanent Missions in Geneva and Committee Members. See a 10th anniversary video of Committee Members explaining the Convention here.

On Friday, 2nd organisations of persons with disabilities from Canada will brief the Committee in the morning followed by the adoption of a list of questions to the State party (known as the List of Issues).  The Country Rapporteur for Canada is Theresia Degener, Committee Member from Germany.  We’ll end the 16th session with an afternoon of internal discussions with the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Catalina Devandas, a discussion of our working methods and have more discussion on issues presented under the Optional Protocol, before our summary closing session.  Sadly, this will be my final formal meeting with the Committee.  In 2017, I will be attending the sessions as part of civil society, which will be another new perspective for me…

After the 16th session, there will be the 6th pre-sessional working group of the CRPD Committee in Geneva from 5-9 September, 2016. Its programme of work will consist of briefings by civil society, National Human Rights Institutions and the adoption of lists of issues for the following countries:  Armenia, Jordan, Bosnia, Cyprus, Iran and Honduras.

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