26.02.2018 Financing for development update

The following are updates on the Inter-Agency Task Force on Financing for Development (IATF) and the Financing for Development Forum.

Inter-Agency Task Force on Financing for Development (IATF)

On Friday 23 February, there was a public dialogue at the UN on the preparation of the IATF report. An advanced unedited report will be posted on the IATF website this week and click here for preliminary findings.

The report is broken into sections, including: (1) global context, (2) thematic chapter, (3a) domestic public finance, (3b) domestic and international private business and finance, (3c) international development cooperation, (3d) international trade as an engine for development, (3e) debt and debt sustainability, (3f) addressing systematic issues, (3g) science, technology, innovation and capacity-building, (4) data, monitoring and follow-up.

The report in part feeds into the FfD Forum outcome document and thus is important to influence.

Financing for Development Forum

The third Financing for Development Forum will take place 23-26 April at the United Nations Headquarters. The co-chairs have been appointed and are from Jamaica and Portugal. Click here for the tentative program.

New this year is the SDG Investment Fair, which will take place on 22 April in New York. The SDGI Fair will provide a platform for direct interaction between 100-150 participants representing governments from developing countries, private sector investors, financial intermediaries, and other relevant stakeholders.

The FfD process is important and unique as it is open ended, unlike the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that ends in 2030. Moreover, the FfD Forum is not purely a UN meeting, but also includes non-UN entities, including the Bretton Woods institutions, WTO and UNCTAD indicating a shared space for collaboration with UN and non-UN organizations and institutions.

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