International Women's Day 2023:

Embracing Equity to End NTDs for Women and Girls


Embracing equity is at the heart of much of our work at CBM.

To mark International Women's Day, CBM will host a dialogue on the IWD 2023 theme "Embracing Equity " on 6 March. The dialogue will discuss the relevance of "Embracing Equity in the Fight Against Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)”.

NTDs are one of the leading causes of disabilities worldwide. Women and young girls are often more vulnerable to NTDs and bear the greatest burden of NTD-related diseases and their socio-economic consequences.

Through Embracing Equity, we can ensure that NTD interventions are designed to reach women and girls, are accessible to women and girls in vulnerable contexts, and ultimately promote women's overall health and well-being. The webinar will also discuss the key role women can play in the fight against NTDs.

“Embracing equity is at the heart of much of our work at CBM.  Women with disabilities still don’t have equitable access to multiple areas of society including education, health and economic opportunities,” says Girija Sankar, Head of the NTDs programme at CBM.

This conversation will invite key thinkers, policymakers, researchers, and practitioners to explore how NTD programmes have achieved equity so far and what still needs to happen to fully embrace equity in NTD interventions.

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When: 6 March 2023, at 2 PM CET 

Partners:  CBM 

Where: Zoom online event supported by CBM event team in Bensheim  

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Speakers include:

  • Dr Daniel Eibach from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany.
  • Dr Obiageli Nebe, Director of the National Schistosomiasis/STH Elimination Programme, Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria.
  • Mrs Jayashree P Kunju, CEO of IBAS and member of the Board if IDEA (International Association for Integration, Dignity and Economic Advancement, India.
  • Mrs Nisan Zerai, Country Director for the NALA Foundation, Ethiopia.