Revolutionizing Eye Care:

CBM is Transforming Lives in Pakistan

A man is covering one eye with his hand during an eye screening.

Gur Muk, 50, takes an eye test with the help of an eye screening mobile app.
©Arete/Akifullah Khan/CBM

CBM's eye health project in Balochistan, Pakistan, was recognised for transforming eye care by improving accessibility, affordability and quality, and received funding from the government to upgrade hospitals and deploy ophthalmologists.

CBM has been recognized and acclaimed by Pakistan's Ministry of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination for its integrated and people-centred eye health project, which is transforming the health system in Balochistan, Pakistan, and changing lives in the process.

Primary and Secondary Eye Healthcare System

At the heart of this project is the goal of strengthening and improving the primary and secondary eye healthcare system in Pakistan to make it more accessible, affordable and of better quality for all residents of the region.

To achieve this ambitious goal, CBM Pakistan is reaching out to various groups within the community.

This includes training 98 medical technicians in eye screening, known as "peek screeners"," and supporting 29,000 school children aged 6 to 18 in districts in Balochistan.

In addition, the project actively works with 125 dedicated Lady Health Workers in Gwadar, 44 female health visitors who conduct eye tests at primary health centres in Gwadar district, and 28 trained health workers in Gwadar.

Improving Capacity of Local Health Workers

One of the main objectives of the project is to improve the capacity of local health workers, including doctors, nurses and community health workers. By equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, the CBM Inclusive Eye Health initiative promotes a sustainable health system in Balochistan.

In addition, the project emphasises integrated, people-centred eye care, ensuring that every individual receives the utmost respect, dignity and quality eye care services.

Sadam Hussain, 27, a lab technician prepares lenses at the Optical Lab established with the support of CBM at the Sindh Institute of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences in Pakistan. CBM's approach and programmatic work in eye care, in partnership with others, is to improve access to inclusive, comprehensive and integrated eye health services in Pakistan.


CBM's Impact

CBM's impact is already evident. In the first quarter alone, over 300 ophthalmic consultations were conducted in Jiwani, Pasni and Ormara, areas where eye care services were previously virtually non-existent. This remarkable success underlines the importance of CBM's efforts in improving eye care in Pakistan.

In recognition of CBM Eye Health's significant contributions, the Director General of Health Services in Balochistan has allocated funds for the upgrading of ten DHQ hospitals in the region and for the deployment of optometrists.

A spokesperson for the Government of Pakistan supported the project, saying, "The initiative is proving promising every day since its inception," and described CBM as an exemplary organisation for others to emulate.

The tireless efforts of CBM IEH in Balochistan are a crucial step towards providing accessible, affordable and quality eye care across Pakistan. The government's recognition and financial support of the project is a testament to its unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of its citizens. Through CBM's intervention, the prospects for eye care in Balochistan are better than ever.