Testimonials from a Mobile Camp in Nepal

The mobile health and rehabilitation camp organised by CBM and local partner HRDC in Nepal.

Earlier this year, CBM along with its local partner Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children (HRDC) organised a mobile health and rehabilitation camp in Nepal.

The five-day camp saw a team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and a prosthetic technician visit 399 patients from three districts.

It is my first camp experience in these areas. There were lots of cases of CP (Cerebral Palsy) as well as CTEV (Congenital Talipes Equinovarus), physical deformity, etc. We received more patients than we had expected. It might be due to the current pandemic situation, too. Lots of them had not been able to visit the hospital for follow-ups, so this provided an opportunity for them. These camps have been crucial to reaching out to children with disabilities in the rural areas.
Dr. Bikram Thapa (HRDC) leading the mobile camp team.

Beneficiary Testimonials: 8-year-old Bishnu Tharu – Left Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy

Bishnu Shrestha (34, left), the Prosthesis and Orthosis technician of CBM partner HRDC prepares a mould for Bishnu’s orthosis at HRDC/IDC field office while mother Sita looks on.


“Bishnu is my only son. While growing up, we noticed that he was not able to move the left part of his body properly. I brought him to this clinic (HRDC/IDC field office in Butwal) for treatment. Here, they suggested to me to take Bishnu to a bigger hospital in Kathmandu (HRDC). I took him there for treatment. We stayed there for 1 month. There, Bishnu received exercise and training (physiotherapy) as well as shoes (orthosis). His condition has improved now. He goes to school and studies in grade 2. I brought him to the camp for a follow-up examination. I am so grateful to this clinic and hospital for providing this support. We couldn’t have afforded it on our own.” – Sita Devi Tharu (35), Bishnu’s mother.

Five-year-old Avinash Acharya – Unilateral Clubfoot

Bishnu Shrestha (34, left), the Prosthesis and Orthosis technician of CBM partner HRDC measures Avinash’s legs for new orthosis at Arghakhanchi Hospital, while mother Sunita looks on.


“My son Avinash’s one leg was bent inwards. We didn’t know that it could be corrected through treatment. One day, a social worker (IDC field worker) arrived at my home. She told me that his leg could be corrected. I brought him to Sandhikharka (local office) first. They assessed his leg and asked me to take him to Kathmandu, to HRDC. I went there three times – twice for 45 days and finally for 1 week. He received 3 surgeries there. We were really happy to see his leg corrected after the treatment.

I brought him this time to the camp for a new measurement of his orthosis. This camp has made it easy for people like us, living in rural area. It is difficult for us to travel long distances and visit the hospital. A doctor from HRDC also examined his leg and said that his leg is improving. I am grateful for all the support.“ – Sunita Acharya (30), Avinash’s mother.

14-year-old Ran Bahadur – Genu Valgum (Knock-Knees)

Subash Khatri (27, left), the physiotherapist of HRDC/IDC, provides physiotherapy service to Ran Bahadur at Gulmi Hospital.


“I was 12 years old when both of my legs started to bend inwards. It was causing grave difficulties to me. I could not walk like my friends. If I tried to walk fast, I would fall down. I could not catch up with them, so I needed to leave an hour early to reach the school. I could not stand straight while talking to other people. I used to feel miserable because of this.

A field staff member from the hospital visited our school one day. She suggested to me to go to HRDC in Banepa. I went there and stayed for 2 months, undergoing three surgeries.

My leg has improved a lot now. I still use crutches for support but I can now stand properly on my feet. This feels like a new life. I am grateful to the hospital and those who supported my treatment.” – Ran Bahadur.