All Under One Roof: Disability-inclusive shelter and settlements in emergencies

CBM along with Handicap International and IFRC has published a key reference document for planning and implementation of inclusive shelter and settlement programmes during emergency situations.

All Under One Roof

CBM along with IFRC and Handicap International has published a document titled –‘ All Under One Roof: Disability-inclusive shelter and settlements in emergencies’ which, utilising and developing the capacity of Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs), aims to transform the way humanitarian organisations approach inclusion and accessibility in their shelter and settlement programmes.

Although humanitarian assistance now adopts a more rights-based approach in their programs, persons with disabilities still face exclusion and discrimination. General awareness of disability issues has been on the rise the past decades but this needs to be accompanied by practical measures to identify and reduce the barriers faced by persons with disabilities during emergency situations.

Post disaster shelter and settlement responses are invariably designed to provide standardised solutions to an affected community without sufficiently addressing the potential barriers faced by persons with disabilities, older people and other groups in living in such settlements and shelters.

This publication draws upon existing guidelines from the three organisations as well as relevant and international standards and the expertise of practitioners. The aspiration is that that 'All Under One Roof' will become a key reference to inform shelter and settlements planning and implementation, ensuring fully inclusive humanitarian action.