Celebrating our partner in Thailand


Long-term CBM partnership with Manorom Eye Department at Manorom Christian Clinic benefit eye patients in rural areas of Thailand.

Affordable eye care services at Manorom Christian Clinic

Manorom Christian Clinic is located in Manorom district, Chainat province (population of 350,988) in central part of Thailand, 200 km north of Bangkok. It is run by Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) under the Thai name; Christian Leprosy Foundation.

The Eye Care Unit of Manorom Christian Clinic provides outpatient consultation and eye examination on Tuesday at the base clinic. The clinic also provides medical eye care services through the mobile eye clinic in remote rural district hospitals for poor patients in remote areas where no eye doctors available.

CBM long-term partnership with Manorom Eye Department at Manorom Christian Clinic has been providing accessible and affordable eye care services for patients in Chainat and neighboring provinces.

Eye care services by ophthalmologists are available only at provincial hospitals, rural communities have difficulties to access to eye care services due to the distance and cost of commuting. Manorom Eye Unit coordinates with district hospitals in remote areas to organise outreach clinic to ensure accessibility of eye care services in remote areas of Thailand.

Continuation of services at Manorom Eye Unit

Dr. Weraphan Thanaprachoom; CBM Project Director at Manorom Christian Clinic has been working hard to save the sight of cataract patients both at the base and outreach clinics.

In 2010, Thailand Royal College of Ophthalmologist acknowledged Dr.Weraphan for his hard work and life time dedication for improving eye care services for poor patients in rural areas of Thailand. Dr.Weraphan had been announced 'Thailand Best Ophthalmologist Award 2010' for his outstanding humanitarian services and to set a good example for all ophthalmologist around the country.

Due to improved economic and social development, Thailand has social security and health insurance scheme in place. Although many years of partnership between CBM and Manorom Christian Clinic come to completion at the end of 2014, the Eye Unit of Manorom Christian Clinic will continue its operations, using their own funds to support travel cost of the outreach staff and patient treatment cost is covered under Thailand health insurance scheme.