WFD calls for Deaf experts to be nominated to the CRPD Committee for 2016


The World Federation of the Deaf is calling for nominations of qualified Deaf experts that can fulfil the responsibilities of the CRPD Committee.

Nomination of deaf persons to the CRPD Committee for 2016

The CRPD committee reviews state reports on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), holds interactive dialogues with governments and consults organisations of persons with disabilities before making recommendations for states parties to ensure the implementation of the CRPD at the national level. The CRPD Committee reviews individual communications according to the Optional Protocol of the CRPD and makes general comments on the interpretation and the meaning of the CRPD.

The majority of members on the CRPD Committee are persons with disabilities, however so far there has not been a single Deaf member elected. The World Federation of the Deaf is requesting to have Deaf experts as members of the committee. As the international deaf community faces its own set of challenges, it is important for someone who is a part of that community to provide insights and suggestions that are unique to the deaf community.

Diane Kingston, Deputy Director of CBM International Advocacy and Alliances (IAA), is also the UK's elected member of the Expert Committee for the UN CRPD.  Her term started in January 2013, and continues for four years.

CBM's work in Ear and Hearing Care

CBM works in several areas related to Ear and Hearing Care, including awareness of the causes of hearing loss, medical intervention, education, sign language communication,  audiological services and advocacy. CBM provides hearing aids, habilitation and education related to learners who are deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind. From early detection to early intervention and educational provision, CBM works with members of the deaf community in developing services by providing training to hearing and deaf teachers in deaf education services, compiling training materials, providing sign language training and advocacy. The input and experience of people who are deaf, hard of Hearing or deafblind is essential to guiding our work towards an inclusive society. A number of employees within CBM are deaf themselves.

From July 27-1st August 2015, CBM will support 12 deaf delegates to present and attend the WFD World Congress in Turkey, 2015.

If you know of a deaf person who knows the implications of the CRPD and is an advocate for deaf people in your country, please inform WFD and CBM (email) so that we can consider pooling together support for the person nominated.

International Ear & Hearing Care Day 2015

International Ear & Hearing Care Day 2015 is celebrated this year on 3 March, and the theme focuses on making listening safe

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