Series on Disability-Inclusive Development

About the Publication Series

The Disability-Inclusive Development (DID) book series is a joint project between CBM International and CBM Germany. CBM's goal with the series is to share the knowledge and experience it has gained in its more than 100 years of working in disability and development and in promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities in development work.

Inclusion Topics Covered

The series started with an introductory publication on disability-inclusive development, "The Future Is Inclusive – How to Make International Development Disability Inclusive." By signing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), many nations have committed to make sure that people with disabilities are included in all their international development programmes. But how can this be achieved? This publication introduces the key concepts for disability-inclusive development and highlights practical examples by CBM, to contribute to the dialogue on disability-inclusive development.

Download the publication (pdf | 11 MB)

Inclusion Counts - The Economic Case for Disability-Inclusive Development

Based on evidence from a literature review of how barriers in society exclude persons with disabilities from key areas of life, such as health, education, and work and livelihood, this book asks readers to consider the following questions: can governments afford to continue excluding women, men, girls, and boys with disabilities from key areas of life? How can investment in inclusion benefit persons with disabilities, their families, and societies overall and how can international cooperation support this inclusion? 

Inclusive education

Finally, the third book will take an in-depth look at inclusive education, including what it is; why it's important; the current state of affairs; and a look to its future. Book 3 is currently being written and will be available in 2018.

Each publication is available in English and German.