CBM signs Memorandum of Understanding with Peek Vision

Peek Vision and CBM are entering into partnership with the aim of using Peek technology to support and further develop CBM’s eye health and other disability work.

The 5-year partnership between CBM and Peek will see the implementation of Peek tools, such as Peek Acuity and Peek Retina, by CBM partners. It is hoped that initial pilot projects will lead to widespread adoption of the tools in all CBM operating countries and evolved solutions across CBM’s other strategic areas of disability work, other than eye health.
Peek and CBM will collaborate to provide partners with funding, training, capacity development, technical support, resources and equipment. The two organisations hope to work together towards achieving local ownership and responsibility. Through dialogue, capacity building, mutual knowledge transfer and learning we will strive to achieve a sustainable programme. 

About Peek Vision

Peek is a social impact organisation that works to enable eye and health care for everyone. Peek’s mission is to create tools and health intelligence for eye care professionals and eye health services to radically increase their accessibility and effectiveness.