A mother sees her daughters again


Meeting Luisa and her daughters

Luisa is 80 years old, lives in Cascas, a town with 15,000 citizens located in the north of Peru. In her community, most of the people are mainly engaged in the production of grapes, wine and pisco, a typical alcoholic beverage in the country.

She had sight issues for four years and that is why she suffered frequent accidents at home, because of one of them, she went to the hospital due to the fractures she suffered. After her recovery, she returned home, but it was inevitable for her to suffer new accidents. Her desire was to continue working and supporting her two daughters at home.

Losing sight

Three years ago, Luisa had completely lost the sight in both her eyes. The situation got much worse and this worried her daughters. The loss of sight stopped her from supporting the household chores. Her two daughters also had to leave their daily activities to be there for her mother.

Thanks to a friend of one of her daughters, they learned about the "Volver a Ver" (Seeing Again) ophthalmology campaign. The oldest daughter told us, that at the beginning they “We were afraid of the attention their mother would receive, but she decided to go because her desire to recover her vision was stronger,” said her older daughter. The campaign was organized by the Maranata Ophthalmological Community Center, local partner in Trujillo, 100 km away from Cascas, in collaboration with the local center of the Ministry of Health.

Is it possible to see again?

When the doctor examined her, she cataracts in both of her eyes, so she was told that she could go under surgery. The daughters could not believe her mom could be able to see again, they needed to see some leaflets and documents to understand that the operation was safe. Later they talked with their mother, who took the final decision.

She went under surgery for each of her eyes. Afterwards, she went through three post-surgery evaluations. Now, she can read the newspaper in the waiting room of the clinic.

Luisa smiles with her two daughters... She has recovered the sight in both eyes. Her daughters point out that now she can do things alone and can enjoy even more the beauty of her town.