CBM Launches New Community Mental Health Initiative

Mental health support after the earthquake in Nepal

Bimala received emergency mental health support provided by a CBM partner, after losing her son during the earthquake in Nepal. ©CBM

World Health Day 2019—CBM launches a new Community Mental Health Initiative to better accomplish its vision of an inclusive world in which all persons with disabilities enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential.    

The Community Mental Health Initiative will bring focus and scale to the work that CBM does in order to have a greater impact on this area, both for people with mental illness and psychosocial disabilities, as well as the wider communities where CBM focuses its work, and people with other disabilities, who are often at increased risk of mental health problems. 

CMH Initiative Brochure

For an overview of CBM's new Community Mental Health Initiative, including initiative priorities, a timeline of our work and more details, download this booklet.

Access the brochure here


The new CBM initiative draws on CBM’s legacy of 15 years of work in Community Mental Health (CMH). During this time, CBM has touched the lives of 3 million persons with mental health problems. Read more about CBM’s work in mental health in this blog post

The aim of the Community Mental Health Initiative is to promote meaningful participation in communities, improve the quality of life, and broaden the choices for care available for people with psychosocial disabilities. 

Find out more about this exciting new initiative by downloading the overview brochure above or watching the following video.

Video on the Community Mental Health Initiative

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Did you know one in four people experience some form of mental health condition in their life time?

80% of these people are in low- and middle-income countries, where only 15% will be able to access the care that they need.

That is why CBM has been working to improve the lives of persons affected by mental health conditions and psychosocial disabilities for than more than 15 years.

This work has helped many.

Over 35 projects have been delivered in over 4 continents, which have supported over 300,000 people each year, around half of whom are women and girls.

Now it is time to use everything we have learned, as we launch the Community Mental Health initiative. 

We have one aim: to promote meaningful participation in communities, improve quality of life and broaden the choices for care available for people with psychosocial disabilities.

We have four priorities:

  1. To harness and amplify the strong voice of people with psychosocial disabilities.
  2. To promote community inclusion and participation.
  3. To create strong and person-centred systems.
  4. To mainstream mental health across all development sectors.

Because mental health is an urgent challenge that affects all of us.


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