CBM Co-Sponsors Important Conference on Inclusion

This photo shows a group of children at a water tap community point smiling and laughing together.

As part of our community based inclusive development project in Lilongwe (Malawi), community workers conduct home visits to former patients to gauge their progress.

CBM is co-sponsoring the ‘Global Perspectives 2020’ conference on inclusion.


The Global Perspectives 2020 conference (organised by the International Civil Society Centre) from 2-5 November 2020 will bring together national and international civil society organisation leaders, activists, and innovators. The theme this year is ‘A Passion for Inclusion’. Inclusion is fundamental to civil society organisations’ work – ensuring every voice is heard, everyone can take action, and human rights are realised for all. 

The Conference will provide a space to reflect on the meaning of inclusion, and on how organisations can continuously improve their inclusion practices and engage with different actors in doing so.  

Podcast on ‘Inclusion – Nothing About Us Without Us’

CBM staff Rita Acha Agum (Disability and Inclusive Development Officer in Cameroon) and Dominique Schlupkothen (Director Community Based Inclusive Development) talk about the importance of inclusion and how CBM is empowering local communities to have their own voice and advocate for themselves. In this podcast you will learn about the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and how CBM is ensuring our policies not only include people with disabilities, but that they are also actively consulted when designing the response.

Head over here to have a listen

Further Contributions

Join Global Perspectives 2020 and participate in Dominique and Acha’s session on 4 Nov at 2.45 pm CET, where they will explore how representative organisations of persons with disabilities can effectively influence policy making at the local level. 

Watch this space for more updates on this exciting conference and CBM’s contribution to making international development more inclusive!  


Community Based Inclusive Development is the basis of self-empowerment and collective action to build resilient, equitable and inclusive communities.
Dominique Schlupkothen, Director Community Based Inclusive Development

About the International Civil Society Centre (ICSC)

The ICSC, headquartered in Berlin, aims to strengthen the impact and resilience of international civil society organisations to support people to change their world for the better. Today, the Centre is owned by 15 of the largest international civil society organisations (CBM, Save the Children, Sightsavers, Oxfam, World Vision amongst others) who work across environmental, human rights, social justice and humanitarian issues.