Working with the UN to End Violence Against Women with Disabilities during COVID-19

This photo shows 2 women - one with a physical disability, who is reading a COVID-19 information leaflet.

Social mobilizer raising awareness on health and hygiene during COVID-19 in Muzaffargarh.
Ⓒ Mudasar Abbas

CBM is working with the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women to ensure the safety of women and girls with disabilities in Pakistan.

Women and girls with disabilities in Pakistan are facing even more marginalisation due to the current coronavirus pandemic – deep socio-economic barriers as well as higher rates of domestic violence.

In Multan and Muzaffargarh districts of Punjab province, CBM is working with the UN Trust Fund and Bedari, a local womens’ rights organisation. We are ensuring that violence against women and girls with disabilities is included in the COVID-19 response at community level. We are also providing tele-health and online psychological support through Bedari’s helpline programme. Additionally, we are working with men to stop them resorting to violence in stressful situations. Advocating effective responses to address violence and marginalisation at the local level is also a pillar of our project work.

On average we are receiving 100 calls a week of domestic violence [through the helpline], mostly intimate partner violence and involving beating of children. Girls and women with disabilities depend on their abusers for personal care, mobility or communication – all leading to gross under-reporting [of domestic violence].
Anbreen Ajaib, Director of Bedari, on the sharp rise of domestic violence during the pandemic.

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The UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women has highlighted this project with CBM and Bedari.

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