CBM Attends World Community Development Conference

27-year-old Bhawana (extreme right) during a briefing on the use of hygiene kits to members of the Chapagaun Disabled Women Group in Nepal.

From 21-23 June 2021 CBM is participating in the World Community Development Conference (WCDC), a global gathering organised by the International Association for Community Development (IACD) to celebrate and share community development practice and scholarship from different countries. 

As a thought leader in inclusive community development and member of IACD we welcome this opportunity to exchange on good inclusive community development practice.   

Valuable contributions to the WCDC

Our specific contribution to the WCDC will focus on   

  • Learnings from Covid-19 for inclusive community development  

  • Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DIDRR) as a component to enable community development within vulnerability contexts  

  • A panel dialogue on the global status quo of inclusive community development  (update: You can now access the panel discussion on Youtube).

Together with partners, CBM will showcase and discuss how Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) ensures people with disabilities are respected and included in their communities on an equal basis in all areas of life. We are proudly launching our CBID 2021 Report on the side-lines of the World Community Development Conference. The report provides an insight into CBM’s inclusive community development work.  

Access the CBID Report

Access the CBID Report 2021 here to know more about how CBM works in Community Based Inclusive Development.

Download your copy here

Why is inclusive community development important?

Ensuring inclusive community development practice of all stakeholders in the community follows a human rights-based approach and successfully contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals, especially their “Leaving No One Behind” principle. Inclusive Community Development Practice is becoming ever more relevant in the current context where we see a worldwide drive for localisation to implement global frameworks and reach people in their communities.  

The global pandemic has been very challenging and has seen a resurgence of exclusion and discrimination of persons with disabilities in their communities. Many have been hit hard by de-prioritisation and the breaking up of local support systems. Oftentimes, access to basic necessities has become a struggle. On the other hand, the situation has highlighted that “there is no community development without inclusive community development”. Many communities have proven to be very imaginative and resilient with regards to inclusion.   

The WCDC is a key opportunity for exchange amongst community development practitioners from all over the world. During the pandemic, local and inclusive community responses have been vital to ensure no one was left behind. Community development will also play a critical role in building back inclusively after the crisis. Therefore, this conference takes place at a critical moment in time.
Dominique Schlupkothen, Director of CBID at CBM

Research on the impact of COVID-19 on inclusive community development and our response

CBM has committed to a process of reflection during the COVID 19 pandemic, drawing from both the lived experiences of people with disabilities and community workers (the PULSE Study), and from a reflection on our own response in support of our community-based partners (Locked Down, Not Locked Out). Access both studies here. 

World Community Development Conference 2022

This year’s WCDC will have over 250 participants from 44 countries. We are looking forward to the World Community Development Conference 2022 which will be hosted by Georgia and have a focus on inclusion in community development.