CBID Report 2022:

A Year of CBID Achievements

A man squatting down is talking to a boy with a disability and his mother

Elisha Nabassa, a nursing officer at OURS Hospital examines 12-year-old Felix at home in Mbarara, Uganda. Felix has bilateral knock knees.

In these challenging times of pandemics, natural disasters and conflict, inclusive development for persons with disabilities is more important than ever. Learn more about how CBM has shaped the Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) approach in our CBID Report 2022.

How can we ensure that no one is left behind as the world works to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? How can we ensure that persons with disabilities are involved in the decisions that matter to them in their communities? These two questions guide our work in the field of CBID.

In these challenging times of pandemics, natural disasters and conflict, inclusive development for persons with disabilities is more important than ever. Together with our partners around the world, CBM has shaped the CBID approach over decades, ensuring that persons with disabilities are respected and equally included in all aspects of life.

Our CBID Report 2022, released today, explains what CBID projects entail, how the CBID approach has evolved and how CBM and our partners have been working for inclusive development for persons with disabilities around the world over the past twelve months.

"Over the past year, our CBID team has invested in a process of reflection on the impact of the pandemic, drawing on the experiences of persons with disabilities and our community-based partners. Their experiences, documented in several CBID reports published last year, challenge us all to do better while demonstrating the strength of community-based inclusive development," says Dominique Schlupkothen, Director of CBID at CBM.

Along with the continuing impact of the pandemic, we have seen the communities we work with struggle with the consequences of climate change and the effects of the war in Ukraine, such as rising food prices and inflation. These crises have severe consequences on the most vulnerable populations, so the CBID approach of putting communities in charge and persons with disabilities at the centre has never been more important
Dominique Schlupkothen, Director of Community Based Inclusive Development at CBM
A man squatting down is talking to a boy with a disability and his mother

CBID Report 2022

CBM reviewed its CBID activities in the last year and in this report, we present what we achieved. 

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Highlights of the Year

May 2021

We rolled out our CBID capacity development and training programme. The training aims to strengthen the knowledge and practical skills of CBID practitioners from CBM and our partners.

June 2021

"For us to participate in community activities, people should change their mindset on our capabilities. They thought that we are easily infected with the virus, and they tend to generalise that we are all weak. Once I was not allowed to enter a grocery shop because I am a person with a disability," says Nicole, Philippines (Feeling the Pulse, page 14)

Experiences like these are highlighted in two publications, Feeling the Pulse and Locked Down, Not Locked Out, which reflect on the impact of the COVID -19 crisis on persons with disabilities and community-based organisations around the world.

Download Feeling the Pulse in English, Spanish or French.

Download Locked Down, Not Locked Out in English, Spanish or French

July 2021

We launched our Inclusive Education Training Guide for CBM partners and other relevant stakeholders to give them the tools they need to train others. The training guide explains how to make education systems inclusive and how to support the needs of individual learners, especially those with disabilities. Download the guide here

November 2021

We announced the winners of our 2021 Innovation Fund, our initiative that celebrates the ingenuity of the people we work with and the power of community. Learn more about the winning projects from CBM partners in Honduras, Ethiopia and Nepal.

February 2022

At this year’s Global Disability Summit, CBM made 33 commitments to change and do more to include over one billion people with disabilities, many of whom live in some of the world’s poorest countries. CBM will commit € 315 million over the next four years to implement them. The Summit is an international development conference focused on disability. Click here to learn more. 

February 2022

We received the 2022 Zero Project Award for our work in Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction in Vietnam. CBM's award-winning project set up inclusive self-help forums for the local people and provided accessible shelters. The international award is given by experts on disability inclusion. 

What’s Next?