CBM End of Year Message from CEO Dr. Rainer Brockhaus

​40-year-old Abebu is very happy after undergoing successful trachoma surgery at Gelametbia Health Centre in May 2022. She lives in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Abebu's husband Ali and their daughter Zeyneb are very happy about Abebu's surgery.

“Hello, my name is Rainer Brockhaus and I'm the CEO of CBM-Christian Blind Mission. Today, I would like to reach out to you to say thank you. Thank you for all that we have already been able to achieve together this year. For example, the construction of the new Mengo eye clinic here in Kampala, Uganda, where I am right now.

A new building is constructed here, where we will be able to treat about 100.000 eye patients every year, twice as many as before. The need is simply enormous and that is why more space is now being created for the treatment of cataract, glaucoma and the ever-so-important paediatric ophthalmology.

Four new operating theatres will be built as well. All this is to provide high-quality eye care to children and adults in need.

CBM's share in the construction cost is around two million euros. You have already made an enormous contribution to this through your donation and I am personally very grateful for this, but we have not yet reached the end of our journey.

Please continue to help us with your donation, so that we can complete this important eye clinic and open it as planned in the coming year.

I wish you and your loved ones a successful new year 2023. All the best! Please stay healthy and in touch with CBM. Thank you.”