Achieving inclusive risk reduction in America


The High Level Regional Meeting for Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Management was held on February 17 and 18, in Quito, Ecuador with the participation of Valerie Scherrer, Senior Manager of CBM Emergency Response Unit (ERU), who was a special guest for the event coordinated by the Technical Secretariat for the Inclusive Management of Disabilities (SETEDIS).

All together with one goal

The high level meeting joined public and private entities from different countries in South America, besides many international experts, like Hiroshi Kawamura (ATDO), Armando Vasquez (PAHO / WHO), Ricardo Mena (UNISDR for the Americas) and Carlos Kaiser (Inclusiva, Chile).

As a general outcome of the reunion, the participants agreed on a declaration about the importance of regional integration for the management of risk and the openness to generate a network of experts for inclusive management of risks, focusing on the approach and empowerment of Persons with Disabilities as the key axis of work.

Mainstreaming inclusive management

For the international work of CBM, the inclusive approach to disaster risk reduction is a cross-cutting element. This is aligned to the explicit references of inclusive disaster risk reduction in the framework of the 2030 Agenda.

Interinstitutional encounter for inclusive disaster risk reduction

On February 19, Valerie Scherrer held an interinstitutional meeting to talk about key elements of inclusive disaster risk reduction management. The Regional Office of CBM for Latin America and The Caribbean invited representatives of the National Secretariat of Risk Management, Public Health Ministry, Social and Economical Inclusion Ministry, National Police and SETEDIS, who hosted this event.

The meeting promoted the participation of all governmental instances sharing expectations and experiences on inclusive management of disasters, noting the emphasis on empowering Persons with Disability with a Rights based approach and the support of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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