International Women's Day 2016


Celebrate International Women's Day with CBM!

The 2016 theme for International Women’s Day is Planet 50:50 by 2030; Step it up for Gender Equality. CBM is delighted to bring you a series of articles and some audio-visual material to celebrate the day. Our first article features 5 different perspectives on gender equality, we ask a number of women and men with disabilities on what gender equality means to them and what it means for their work.

If you are interested to learn what SDG 5 on gender equality means for a disability inclusive development perspective, our Senior Advisor for Disability and Gender Equality Mary Keogh writes about it here. Finally, Alba Gonzalez, EU Policy Officer with IAA highlights how the EU is including women and girls with disabilities in its programme of work on gender. You can read Alba’s article here.

Interested to watch some videos and read some stories about women with disabilities, check out these short videos below:

Abena shares her story of life with a disability in a Ghanaian town. Being a small business owner and a strong advocate for the rights of people with a disability, Abena talks about her work in empowering women, and inclusion of people with a disability. Watch Abena’s full story here.

Kazol Rekha is a young woman living in a village in a flood-prone area of Bangladesh. She was paralysed after an accident severed her spinal cord. In this video she tells about her role on the Disaster Preparedness Committee, making sure people with disability are not forgotten when disaster strikes. Watch Kazol’s full story here.

Celebrate International Women's Day 2016 with CBM

Five Perspectives on Gender Equality

We interviewed women and men with disabilities to get their perspectives on gender equality

Gender and the European Union: a commitment towards leaving no one behind

Alba Gonzalez, EU policy officer outlines steps the EU is taking to include women and girls with disabilities in it’s work on gender

SDG 5: Gender equality and Disability Inclusive Development in the SDGs

This article gives an overview of some of the key targets of Goal 5 of the SDGs