Sharing perspectives about CBR from Latin America

CBM is glad to present the report “Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Critical Perspectives from Latin America” by Dr. Shaun Grech from the Critical Institute.

The present report started as a workshop on writing testimonies and human interest stories in September 2003, in the context of the Latin America CBR Conference, held in Colombia. CBM partners from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru took part of the course developing a CBR network. Not so often are the experiences and perspectives from Latin America shared to a wider audience, making Dr. Shaun’s work a remarkable achievement for the Region.

A wide scope of CBR reflections in the Region

“CBR Perspectives from Latin America” is a critical reflection on the multi-dimensional and changing nature of CBR, the perceived benefits, the conundrum of standardized approaches versus the community driven processes, the nature of links between CBR and human rights, the resourcing of CBR and the difficulty inherent in taking a short term view in the evaluation of what is a long term process.

Global and regional CBR advisers of CBM contributed to the process and reviewed drafts of this report. Partners were guided by Dr. Grech in their reflective and self-analysis process and undertaking the full documentation and the analysis which is contained in the final document.

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Download the Report in Spanish Rehabilitación basada en la comunidad (RBC) Perspectivas Críticas desde Latinoamerica here.