Humanitarian Inclusion Standards become part of the Humanitarian Standards Partnership


The Humanitarian Inclusion Standards become part of the Humanitarian Standards Partnership, complementing existing guidelines and filling a gap to ensure the rights of older people and persons with disabilities are addressed in humanitarian action.

Rights-based approach to humanitarian action

In February of this year, with our partners in the Age and Disability Capacity Programme (ADCAP), we were delighted to announce the release of the Humanitarian Inclusion Standards.

CBM is now equally pleased that these standards are moving forward, and are now a member of the Humanitarian Standard Partnership (HSP). This partnership is a coalition of humanitarian standards initiatives sharing a rights-based approach and developed in the consultative, consensus-based manner.

The Sphere Executive Board stated that the Humanitarian Inclusion Standards will provide specific guidance on an area that is only partially covered by the other HSP initiatives and will fill the existing gap in addressing the needs of older people and persons with disabilities.

In the coming months, the Humanitarian Inclusion Standards for Older People and People with Disabilities will also become digitally accessible on mobile phones through the HSP’s mobile application.

CBM looks forward to continued collaboration in these efforts, as part of our mandate to ensure that persons with disabilities are fully included in all humanitarian action.

Humanitarian Inclusion Standards

This document provides guidance to include older people and people with disabilities in all sectors and at all stages of humanitarian action

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Humanitarian Action

CBM working with local partners to ensure that people with disabilities are included at all levels of disaster preparedness and response

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