19.06.2019 CBM Introduces Programme Quality Framework and Partnership Principles

Someon runs his own hardware shop with support from CBM (Kenya). ©CBM/argum/Einberger

CBM introduces a new Programme Quality Framework and new Partnership Principles to the CBM Federation worldwide. These two guiding documents support the practical implementation of CBM’s Federation Strategy 2023.  

The roll-out of the commitments contained within each document is aimed at achieving increased effectiveness, greater impact and consistent quality in CBM programmes and partnerships. 

These documents are publicly available for download here

About the new Programme Quality Framework 

CBM’s Programme Quality Framework provides a set of high-level programme principles and management commitments to guide programme quality and to which CBM seeks to be held accountable as an organisation.  

This framework is informed by the latest standards in development cooperation and aligned to the most relevant global accountability frameworks and human rights instruments. 

The principles are organised under the following themes: 

  • Justice, Equality and Inclusion; 

  • Accountability to Persons with Disabilities; 

  • Accountability to our donors; 

  • Partnership; 

  • Safeguarding; 

  • Gender Equality; 

  • Technical Quality; 

  • Humanitarian Imperative; 

  • Advocacy; 

  • Sustainability; 

  • Accessibility and Universal Design; and 

  • Environment. 

Further commitments are defined for finance, programme and people management. 

The framework spells out each principle and commitment, lists a set of requirements for each and explains what it means in practical terms for the work we undertake.  

To ensure these commitments are fully recognised, CBM has developed a high-level global action plan for 2019/20 to report against annually. Additionally, we are continuing to align tools and procedures, invest in capacity building and facilitate peer exchange to progressively realise the commitments. 

About CBM’s Partnership Principles 

Partnership has been a long standing, foundational approach in pursing our vision of a more inclusive world. In CBM’s programme countries, we seek, where at all possible, to work with local partners rather than implementing directly. 

Our Partnership Principles define what we mean by partnerships and partnering, explain the role this plays in our programmatic and advocacy work and spells out a set of guiding principles summarized under the following headings: 

  • Complementarity of purpose; 

  • Inclusiveness; 

  • Responsiveness and flexibility; 

  • Mutual responsibility and accountability; 

  • Trust and respect; and 

  • Joint learning. 

This shared approach to partnership across CBM ensures consistent programme standards, helps manage risk, enhances our global capacity in a cohesive way, and ultimately contributes to greater impact and sustainability of our development and humanitarian work.