CBM Featured on Devex

This photo shows a boat full of food material and packets, labelled CBM. Some men and unloading the boat. The Lake Victoria can be seen in the background.

Food items being transported via boat amid the coronavirus pandemic to the remote Buvuma islands in Uganda.

Devex​, the largest media platform for the global development community​, has featured CBM on how it has remained agile and competent during the Coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 has not been kind to our world. But people with disabilities have been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

​In this Devex article, CBM weighs in on rapid response efforts, business continuity, and new operating models amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Read more about our work during the Coronavirus pandemic

  1. COVID-19 Matrix to provide guidance on possible action points in community development and mobilization in relation to COVID-19 preparedness and response
  2. Guidance note for COVID-19 to support our eye health partners and communities they serve, in their efforts to combat this global health crisis
  3. Policy paper on lessons learnt from the Coronavirus crisis for the implementation of sustainable development.

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