Municipalities agree on inclusive development

Four decentralized autonomous governments (municipalities) agree to work for the development of communities in an inclusive manner based on a CBM project.

In the first week of March, the Disability and Development Foundation (Discapacidad y Desarrollo, DISDE), a local CBM partner, and the Decentralized Autonomous Governments (GADs for its initials in Spanish) in Calvas, Espíndola, Gonzanamá and Sozoranga, all within the province of Loja (in the south of Ecuador) signed interinstitutional agreements for the implementation of the inclusive development project MINKA, with the financial and technical support of CBM.

MINKA project has as main components the development of capacities and skills, inclusion, strengthening of persons with disabilities organizations and networking. The project has envisioned to work jointly with 800 persons with disabilities in the area during 2016 – 2018.

Involvement of local governments

The agreement signed by the four entities aims to lever the implementation process of the project with gradual involvement of the GADs until fulfilling their total leadership by 2018.

The event, held in Gonzanamá, counted with the attendance of representatives of associations of persons with disabilities, families and authorities from health, education and social development entities. 

Sharing perspectives about CBR from Latin America

CBM is glad to present the report “Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Critical Perspectives from Latin America” by Dr. Shaun Grech

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