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  1. CBM publishes its first Inclusive Eye Health Report

    CBM’s work in eye health started in 1908, and 112 years on, it has expanded to 106 partners across 35 countries implementing 124 projects in eye care and neglected tropical diseases. Along with numbers, there has been an immense progress in the way work is delivered, how surgery, planning and partnerships have improved.

  2. This photo shows an older Bangladeshi woman with many younger children in a small room, which serves as a CFS. They are playing some games together.

    Inclusion in Humanitarian Aid

    Our project "Phase 2 - Leave no one behind!" promotes the inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian aid. Using the global Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Guidance on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action, we are working to help humanitarian actors better understand the human rights-based approach to disability in their work.

  3. A Lifelong Advocate for Inclusion

    For 20 years, Katharina Pförtner (recently retired CBM Global and Regional Advisor for Latin America) campaigned for inclusion in Latin America on behalf of CBM. She has seen and experienced a lot in the past 20 years – some sad experiences as well as hopeful ones. She is now freshly retired - but boredom is a long way off.

  4. Providing a Voice for the Voiceless

    This is a personal account by Paew Rattanamongkol who lives in Thailand. Thanks to CBM partner Daughters of Charity, Paew was part of a project to strengthen the rights of persons with disabilities and is now a community leader assisting people with disabilities and improving their social participation at local community levels.

  5. This image shows Assan sitting just a few inches away from the bloackboard in his classroom. He is sitting on a kitchen stool and copying the notes from the board.

    International Albinism Awareness Day 2020

    On 13 June 2020, CBM celebrates International Albinism Awareness Day. Our projects worldwide focus not just on medical assistance, but also on broad education and awareness-raising. Many people affected by albinism are more concerned about the exclusion they experience than the physical ailments. CBM advocates for their inclusion and active participation in all projects, so that they have the same opportunities as everyone else.

  6. Jaona with other ophthalmic doctors and nurses in the operating theatre.

    World Health Day 2020

    2020 has been declared as the ‘International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife’. Today, more than ever, we are witnessing the vital role played by frontline hospital staff, especially nurses and other hospital workers in providing health care around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses are at the forefront of the pandemic response, providing high-quality treatment and care.

  7. This photo shows an old Ugandan woman with an eye patch being helped by 2 people (a man and a woman)

    CBM Among Top 100 Proposals for McArthur $100 Million Grant

    The MacArthur Foundation today unveiled CBM and coalition partners submitted one of the highest-scoring proposals, designated as the Top 100, in its 100&Change competition for a single $100 million grant to help solve one of the world's most critical social challenges.